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Tender Calendar is the major player in the field of tenders in the Netherlands. It is the party that provides governments and companies with insight into various assignments for which a tender applies.
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Tendering Calendar is an innovative organization that concluded that its services and market were changing and an adjustment in the business model was therefore desirable. Where previously the focus was on government bodies, this was shifted to business services. As a result, the current platform no longer matched and there were also new technical and functional requirements.



During the discussions with the Procurement Calendar management, it became clear the importance of the correctness and real-time receipt of information about tenders. Many organizations are dependent on tenders for their turnover, and therefore the survival of the organization. Demand from the eight most well-known tender platforms must be linked to the supply of thousands of interested parties who want to be proactively informed daily by Procurement Calendar.

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I-Design has developed a completely new platform that perfectly matches the target group. Thousands of customers receive daily notifications about Dutch and European tenders via the platform in their e-mail box. To receive this information, special analysis software has been developed by i-Design that scans various platforms to ensure that customers do not miss any tenders. The platform has been live for some time now and customers praise the platform for its clarity and completeness of offer

In order to optimize the customer’s user experience, features have been added, such as an extensive filter system, the platform facilitates the entire tender and registration process. Because of the importance for customers to be immediately aware of a tender and to be able to act on it, real-time monitoring of the performance is essential. i-Design facilitates this by ensuring this monitoring 24/7 from its own high-tech monitor center and taking immediate action where necessary so that the Procurement Calendar customers do not miss any data.

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"i-Design has the knowledge and expertise for an IT partnership and has once again exceeded our wishes. Customers praise the platform for the clarity and completeness of the offer"Our vision
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