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ELICIT Online is a software and consultancy company focused on capturing and transferring business-critical knowledge. Securing and transferring this knowledge and experience is necessary to improve processes, absorb turnover and not only depend on knowledge in the heads. Essential for the survival of organizations. i-Design developed unique software for this.
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ELICIT has developed a unique working method, which makes it possible to extract specific knowledge and experience from employees regarding process and product. This method is used for several customers. ELICIT has asked i-Design to think about how this methodology can be translated into an online tool. The primary goal is to analyze the knowledge captured in heads. The essential parameters are identified through interviews / questions. The knowledge and experience on the basis of which an expert makes a decision is documented.



The i-Design team first met with the management of ELICIT to find out what future wishes/objectives there are in order to present a realistic plan.

It was important to be able to properly embed the scientific methodology that exposes the essential observations, information flows and decision moments in a business process in the future software. Ensuring the security of data such as personal data and business-sensitive information were important points of attention. There was also the wish to be able to assign a wide variety of roles and rights to each client. Especially important for larger organizations.

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A digital knowledge tool developed by i-Design. The knowledge tool is filled step by step through a systematic way of questioning. The result is a tool that allows clients to retrieve data and enter it into the tool in a structured, but above all user-friendly way. This safeguards important data and thus the continuity of the company. Future colleagues can also be provided with the right information with essential knowledge of certain machines or processes. All this from the Knowledge Tool.

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"i-Design thinks critically and strategically about the desired solutions and not only delivers quality for now, but also focused on the future. A professional organization that is very accessible"Our vision
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