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Continuous development

Your organization is always changing, as is the market in which you operate. By providing smart software that moves with you, you can quickly adapt when change is needed. That is why our software never stands still. We continue to develop.
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What does continued development entail?

You can clearly and structurally incorporate feedback from users and optimizations in processes into the software. We realize this for you in a precise timeframe which brings peace and stability during the development. This prevents the process from having too much impact on your daily operations.

We put together a specialized team for you. Within the team, various disciplines work together so that your specific knowledge is divided among all team members. This keeps the lines of communication with your organization short. This works well for everyone.

The team will make monthly agreements with you about the work to be done, give advice and develop your new requirements. All this for a fixed amount per month. This gives you financial control over the business case and it keeps all parties on their toes to continuously set the right priorities.



Why continue to develop within your organization?

You may recognize it. Your custom software has been implemented. Six months later there is an optimization or adjustment in the process which also has an impact on the software. Your organization continues to develop, so we develop along with you. By using a fixed number of development hours each month, a specialized team of i-Design is ready for you. In addition to the standard maintenance, further development at a functional level is essential. This way, the software grows along with your product or service and your target groups stay connected. Improvements, links or expansions that we jointly implement in the software often originate from the end user. Your employees who work with the software on a daily basis are therefore actively involved in its further development.

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