The power and impact of a good start

i-Design’s strength is that we always start at the very beginning. We look closely and ask a lot of questions. We will discover what your dream and your ambition is and we work together with your staff and, if necessary, with your suppliers, to find out exactly what is happening in the workplace. These worlds, we put in line with each other.

Optimal output

In advance we will define what makes the new process to a success for each individual person who has an interest in it. And for each question we will determine what the exact goal of that question is. With this thorough preparation, we create a workflow that guarantees an optimal output. We manage that by effectively linking systems you already use, including Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, to custom-made software of our design. Our custom-made software is always modular and made with web based technologies. We ensure that all critical information is safely stored in one central database. So all information is constantly, quickly and timely retrievable. That will certainly make your employees, suppliers and customers happy.

Linking business processes

After the analysis we will present you the best solutions and then you decide what we are going to do. We sign up an estimate, if applicable with a matching Service Level Agreement. i-Design provides custom-made software for critical business processes such as logistics, finance, manufacturing, CRM and e-commerce, rendering products such as apps, websites and portals. Instantly responding to market developments and adjusting your policy becomes a lot easier. That will give you a maximum return on investment and that’s what we always go for.

Fixed price

Cocky as we are, we provide our services project based for a fixed price on a fixed date. We are very predictable in that way. For the rest we will certainly surprise you.

Ask us about the possibilities of custom-made software specific to your business.

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