Wageningen University

Nutrition calculation software for scientific research

The department of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University felt the need for a renewal of their food computation applications. These Windows applications were becoming less stable over the years, and new requirements and new technological possibilities where catching up.
We have worked very closely with Wageningen University in order to develop an online nutrition calculation system we called “Compl-eat“. The great advantage of this central web-based calculation system is that each dietitian/researcher has access to all information, such as the nevo-tabels. This in contrary to each person having his/her own version of data and calculations models on its own computer.

Compl-eat is also used in classes where each student can be assigned a unique login and / or project. The data collected can be calculated with various calculations, which allows the researchers to collect a good and detailed picture of the nutritional intake of participants.

After the success of Compl-eat, we additionally have developed the 24-hour recall module. This is a user-friendly online questionnaire that allows participants to accurately fill in their nutritional intake from day to day. Due to a smart way of asking the questions, asking the participant first to indicate broadly what he/she ate during the day and then asking deeper questions about the nutrition intake, researchers at Wageningen University are able to get a clear and detailed picture of the nutritional intake of the participants.

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