Complete branding, website and link with internal ERP system

For this project, i-Design has worked closely with sister company Factor 12. Factor 12 is a communication and web design company that created the visual part of the branding. It had to be a website that makes an instant impression through elegance, style, image and sound. Factor 12 focused completely on brand experience through great images, video and music. The visuals and sound are of high quality on all size screens, the site is fully responsive. i-Design’s advanced custom software guarantees a loading time of images and music within 1.2 seconds worldwide. Customers are not kept waiting and are immediately drawn into the tough and stylish world of TechnoMarine. They can easily create and order their own TechnoMarine watch.

Besides impressively beautiful, complete and easy to navigate the site also had to be part of the sales environment (inventory, order flow, payments). With our custom software we have made a secure link between the website and the existing Microsoft Dynamics environment of our client. Visitors to the site can create an account, select a watch, its color, material and wristband, then view, modify and eventually buy the product online. Microsoft Dynamics records all prices and availability. The system we have designed for this website is ready for future growth and expansion of the range of products. Apart from watches customers can already order sunglasses as well. Visit TechnoMarine.

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