Municipality Ede

A smart custom-made search engine for all customer questions

The employees of the KCC (Customer Contact Centre) have to deal with a large variety of questions of citizens and other organizations. Therefore, the municipality of Ede came to i-Design with the question if we would be able to build a internal search machine that searches within the PDC (Product-Services Catalogue) of the municipality. Of course we can!

That is why we went back to the drawing board, together with the municipality of Ede, and designed the customer contact system; AntwoordPlus. A web-based application to support the KCC department of a municipality. Employees can enter their queries in the search engine and instantly get to see a complete answer to the question. Not only an answer to the question, but also the relevant procedures, prices, any areas of concern, related subjects etc. In addition to answering customer questions, it is also possible to derive management analysis of the questions addressed by these employees.

AntwoordPlus is primarily an internal search engine searching within the PDC of the municipality, but AntwoordPlus also offers comprehensive, real-time reports and statistics based on the registration of customer questions. This is how the management of the KCC exactly knows how much and what kind of questions there are being asked.

In addition to the custom-made search engine AntwoordPlus, municipality Ede also wanted the visitors of their website to quickly find their way on the website of the municipality. A clever link between the website of the municipality Ede and AntwoordPlus, visitors can now quickly find answers to many questions, such as “How do I renew my passport?” or “Where do I get my parking permit?”

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