Invicta USA

Accelerating sales by streamlining processes

Invicta Watch USA is working together with numerous suppliers and was already using Microsoft Dynamics. The question put to i-Design was: how can we streamline the processes with suppliers for making products (watches, jewelry and sunglasses) from different continents with different shipping methods, so that it is always clear:

  • where every product is, when and for how long;
  • when and how it is delivered;
  • that goods are guided smoothly and rapidly through US Customs;
  • that the delivery will be announced on time and well received.


We have made a database with a unique number for each product, including marketing materials. We have made a link to e-commerce through various sales sites, a portal for distributors and apps. All communications and data linking runs through this system. Microsoft Dynamics is the financial heart, i-Design has built the shell. Invicta can already sell before purchasing and processing this purchase because customers know in advance what and when items will be delivered. So Invicta can accelerate sales and is faster making money.

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