Platform designed for easy tendering and enlisting

Every day ministries, provinces, waterboards and commercial businesses add new tenders and purchase orders to Aanbestedingskalender.nl. The platform now connects more than 125,000 business owners, 8000 tenders and 100,000 contracted supplies and services. It involves all types of contracts and purchase orders: European, national, public, private and market consultations.

With aanbestedingskalender we are fully consistent with the national and EU tendering rules, among others through links with TenderNed and TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). Users have the legal and procedural certainty that they are complying with all laws.

i-Design has built the platform, we are managing it, continuously monitor the use and advise on the further development using scrum. Together with our customer we closely follow current developments and act on them directly. Aanbestedingskalender.nl has quickly become the largest and most respected platform for tenders.

Complete branding, website and link with internal ERP system

For this project, i-Design has worked closely with sister company Factor 12. Factor 12 is a communication and web design company that created the visual part of the branding. It had to be a website that makes an instant impression through elegance, style, image and sound. Factor 12 focused completely on brand experience through great images, video and music. The visuals and sound are of high quality on all size screens, the site is fully responsive. i-Design’s advanced custom software guarantees a loading time of images and music within 1.2 seconds worldwide. Customers are not kept waiting and are immediately drawn into the tough and stylish world of TechnoMarine. They can easily create and order their own TechnoMarine watch.

Besides impressively beautiful, complete and easy to navigate the site also had to be part of the sales environment (inventory, order flow, payments). With our custom software we have made a secure link between the website and the existing Microsoft Dynamics environment of our client. Visitors to the site can create an account, select a watch, its color, material and wristband, then view, modify and eventually buy the product online. Microsoft Dynamics records all prices and availability. The system we have designed for this website is ready for future growth and expansion of the range of products. Apart from watches customers can already order sunglasses as well. Visit TechnoMarine.

Nutrition calculation software for scientific research

The department of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University felt the need for a renewal of their food computation applications. These Windows applications were becoming less stable over the years, and new requirements and new technological possibilities where catching up.
We have worked very closely with Wageningen University in order to develop an online nutrition calculation system we called “Compl-eat“. The great advantage of this central web-based calculation system is that each dietitian/researcher has access to all information, such as the nevo-tabels. This in contrary to each person having his/her own version of data and calculations models on its own computer.

Compl-eat is also used in classes where each student can be assigned a unique login and / or project. The data collected can be calculated with various calculations, which allows the researchers to collect a good and detailed picture of the nutritional intake of participants.

After the success of Compl-eat, we additionally have developed the 24-hour recall module. This is a user-friendly online questionnaire that allows participants to accurately fill in their nutritional intake from day to day. Due to a smart way of asking the questions, asking the participant first to indicate broadly what he/she ate during the day and then asking deeper questions about the nutrition intake, researchers at Wageningen University are able to get a clear and detailed picture of the nutritional intake of the participants.

Accelerating sales by streamlining processes

Invicta Watch USA is working together with numerous suppliers and was already using Microsoft Dynamics. The question put to i-Design was: how can we streamline the processes with suppliers for making products (watches, jewelry and sunglasses) from different continents with different shipping methods, so that it is always clear:

  • where every product is, when and for how long;
  • when and how it is delivered;
  • that goods are guided smoothly and rapidly through US Customs;
  • that the delivery will be announced on time and well received.


We have made a database with a unique number for each product, including marketing materials. We have made a link to e-commerce through various sales sites, a portal for distributors and apps. All communications and data linking runs through this system. Microsoft Dynamics is the financial heart, i-Design has built the shell. Invicta can already sell before purchasing and processing this purchase because customers know in advance what and when items will be delivered. So Invicta can accelerate sales and is faster making money.

A smart custom-made search engine for all customer questions

The employees of the KCC (Customer Contact Centre) have to deal with a large variety of questions of citizens and other organizations. Therefore, the municipality of Ede came to i-Design with the question if we would be able to build a internal search machine that searches within the PDC (Product-Services Catalogue) of the municipality. Of course we can!

That is why we went back to the drawing board, together with the municipality of Ede, and designed the customer contact system; AntwoordPlus. A web-based application to support the KCC department of a municipality. Employees can enter their queries in the search engine and instantly get to see a complete answer to the question. Not only an answer to the question, but also the relevant procedures, prices, any areas of concern, related subjects etc. In addition to answering customer questions, it is also possible to derive management analysis of the questions addressed by these employees.

AntwoordPlus is primarily an internal search engine searching within the PDC of the municipality, but AntwoordPlus also offers comprehensive, real-time reports and statistics based on the registration of customer questions. This is how the management of the KCC exactly knows how much and what kind of questions there are being asked.

In addition to the custom-made search engine AntwoordPlus, municipality Ede also wanted the visitors of their website to quickly find their way on the website of the municipality. A clever link between the website of the municipality Ede and AntwoordPlus, visitors can now quickly find answers to many questions, such as “How do I renew my passport?” or “Where do I get my parking permit?”

Online management software for real estate

This engineering company saw an increasing demand among its customers for a central software solution to manage all the information regarding their real estate. Large organizations with multiple locations have the need to document all the information about their buildings and keep this information up to date. This is usually a very difficult task to organize centrally.

Together with Dijkoraad we designed and built a management system, in which this information is easily accessible and at the same time manageable for all persons involved. This web-based solution allows organizations to remain focused on their core business and always have the right information available.

Custom-made ERP system

Watch manufacturer Invicta Watch Europe is handling accounts through a standard accounting package (VHAS) and was otherwise hardly automated. The request to i-Design was: develop a system so we can manage the inventory, purchase and sales orders and marketing and the communication with our customers. Their own supplier Invicta Watch USA, was already familiar with the added value of our strategy and custom software.

Invicta Watch Europe is responsible for the dealer network in Europe and parts of Latin America, China and Egypt. They are also reselling through Amazon.com and Bol.com. The basis of the ERP system we have designed is a database for all items with a unique description each. All customers can order directly from Invicta Europe, via a web link and email. They have access to available stock, can create their own price lists, track their orders and they can check when new products become available. There is also a direct link with Invicta USA for new products and marketing materials from America.

The financial control and reporting runs through a link with the existing financial system (VHAS). Thanks to the ERP system Invicta Europe can now respond 24/7 to current developments and because of that can increase sales even further.

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