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Our Method

Before technical development even begins, you will already see us at our best. We are convinced: A good start is half the battle and it prevents unpleasant surprises later on.
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We are your strategic partner

As a strategic partner, we question and unravel information. Combined with our business experience, this enables us to offer you the best advice and a suitable solution.

Our experience shows that this sincere attention to your business case contributes to making the right choices throughout the process. From start to finish and perhaps during further development at a later stage.

Step 1

Your objective and our expertise come together in a strategic session.

What is your strategy? What does your business case look like? Are there other software systems that need to be interfaced with? Do you have an architectural drawing of your organization that can serve as a basis? These are all topics that we will discuss with you during this session in order to clarify the (long-term) goals and wishes at a detailed level.
Step 2

Unique graphical method

Instead of working out a classic functional design in detail, i-Design has developed a unique graphical method whereby we make rough sketches at this stage with the information from the strategic session to give you an impression of the final result. We do not need complex and time-consuming analyses for this. We know from experience that visualization in this phase provides more clarity and better feedback than a written analysis.

Of course, we explain to you in understandable language how we deal with architecture, functionalities, user roles, security, third-party links and the timing of the project.
Step 3

You will receive a detailed investment proposal.

We have translated your wishes into an understandable offer in which everything is worked out textually and in sketches. Naturally, a clear project planning and the financial picture are not missing.

We go through the proposal point by point and validate it together so that everything is clear before the project starts. Through our years of experience, we know that the right choice of UX design in combination with functional choices prevents software from not fitting in and therefore not being applied in practice.
Step 4

Working together during the development phase.

A functional design and technical details are worked out so that development can start. To keep you as well informed as possible during the entire process, a project manager is assigned to you. Together with you, this manager will make a clear planning that includes interim deliverables in order to check whether everything is going according to plan. During the development process, new insights often arise because the project 'comes to life'. Our project manager takes these adjustments into account in time, so that they often fit within the budget.

This way you can focus on your own core business and you are fully in control of this project. Do you have an important addition? Feel free to call your project manager.
Stap 5

We are going live.

Your wishes and objectives are translated into unique software. We carry out various tests and security checks and our project manager coordinates going live with you. Do you need support with the implementation of the software? Then we can take care of it for you.

After the official delivery, you fully own your tooling. You have the intellectual property which means you are not dependent on a software organization.
Stap 6

Maintenance and support

This service makes us unique. We guarantee security and the life span of your software. It may happen that there is a bug or a malfunction. Contact our support team and we will solve it for you. In most cases the same day. All technologies used receive maintenance, updates and the specialists from our support team periodically monitor the security and performance of your solution. We will not charge you any extra costs for this, besides the maintenance contract.

Each quarter we will inform you by means of a report, so that you are also 'in control' and can make timely adjustments if necessary.
Questions about our method? Our specialist Dana is ready to assist you.

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