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Our method

i-Design consists of an enthusiastic team of specialists in the development of smart and future-oriented IT solutions for organisations in different industries. 

We work with you on a strategic and innovative level to help you take the next step. Don't expect a party of yes-men. When you work with us, we will be your IT partner for the long term. The partner who puts himself in your client's shoes, who looks critically at you and indicates when we see how things can be done more efficiently and more easily. 

Think of us as the extra push in the back, but with the accompanying hand. 


Entirely without obligation, we invite you over in order for us to worm information out of you by asking the right questions. But also, to listen. Because we want to get to know and understand you and your company. What is your vision? How do you work? While enjoying incredibly good coffee - yes, fact - we will look at your objectives and challenges.


We'll schedule a meeting where you will meet the team that's specially created for you. Together we will map out your wishes and needs and add an extra layer of depth. Who is your target group and what exactly do you do for the client? And, most importantly, what do you want to do for the customer?

However, the customer is not the only one we have to take into account. We look at each stakeholder and where their interests lie in the process. We try to bring these different worlds together. This can be done by implementing a new tool or by linking your existing systems. Based on this, we determine which software product is the best solution for you.

Developer service 

All parties agree? Then we will start the development. We do this on the basis of a monthly subscription for an X number of hours per month. Every two weeks we have a sprint meeting to deliver the created parts and receive feedback. Naturally, this is tailored to your desired development speed.


It's time to implement and set up the software. Any content will be added and the product -and you- will be prepared for the launch. Get the champagne ready!

Service & maintenance

The IT landscape continues to evolve. That's why software maintenance is needed. After the launch, the customised service contract starts automatically. During these hours, we will support you with all your questions, maintain the software, fix any bugs and perform technical and security updates. 


Our focus is on the long-term relationship, a partnership, which benefits us both and enables us both to grow. We want to grow with our customers and strengthen each other. Each in their own field. We are also looking for the right click, because we believe we have to invest in each other. Both time and attention. In every relationship you have to discover and get to know each other. This also applies to business relations.

In short, a partnership. One that is based on mutual trust with a high level of satisfaction. You will notice this as well. We are happy to go the extra mile for you.

We prefer not to. But we are realistic. In the future there may be a reason why you no longer want to use our services and/or products. Is this the case? We will ensure the best possible exit scenario. That's why we think it's wise to take this into account when developing the software. The software that i-Design has developed on your behalf, is and remains yours. This also applies to the data stored in it. We develop our software using the contemporary standards and in combination with customisation. This has the advantage that you are not dependent on our developers. Other developers with knowledge of the software components used can also continue to build the software.

The missing chain between customer experience and company processes

Questions, comments or coffee?

Are you curious to the possibilities how we can help you or would you like to receive more information? Do not hesitate to contact us!