Knowledge is for sharing

i-Design was founded in 2002 and shows a steady growth both in the United States and the Netherlands. Customers rarely leave (neither do employees for that matter). You can best ask them yourselves why. We know that it certainly has to do with the right match between you and us, both professionally and personally. If there is no match, we won’t team up because it will only lead to disappointment. i-Design represents fun in craftsmanship and results.

Adding value

We want to add value to your business and to the world. We do this in part by sharing knowledge with you. We have been in the profession since 2002, so have considerable experience in solutions and monitor all developments closely. With the knowledge of i-Design are you always up front.

Your own team

The i-Design team is currently composed of fifteen permanent staff and a flexible group of independent professionals, led by founder and CEO Joost Tervelde. From this close-knit social group of project coordinators and developers, we assemble a special team for each customer. This team is available for your questions 24/7. We also like to crew the service desk for your customers. In short, we will never let your IT processes go unattended.


Our developers are genuine software and database architects, all round, and each also with his own specialization in areas such as PHP, database performance, responsive website design and security. To stay sharp, we regularly recruit external testers and hackers, according to your project risk. We ask these experts to punch holes in what we have developed so we are sure you get delivered the best custom-made software. Everything we design your own people can easily manage and adapt. We do not want you to become dependent on us, unless you choose to be. Then we will gladly be your partner and escort you at your own pace.

Mother and daughters

i-Design creates relationships that are mutually reinforcing and promote substantive innovation. That is why we choose to work together with a sister company like YieldShield under the wings of parent Creaal. YieldShield delivers WordPress websites and Magento webshop software. So one supplier is often enough for all your needs. We are certainly expecting our family to grow over the next few years.

Do more

Because we are strong and healthy, we gladly share our time and energy with others who can use some help. Therefore, i-Design wholeheartedly sponsors UNICEF and War Child.


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