A brand new logo and website!

i-Design is flourishing and after fourteen years we are looking forward to a new and exciting phase. Since you are a valued relation, I would like to briefly tell you more about our recent development so that you can discover for yourself how the current focus of i-Design on web-based custom software fits your own business strategy. Maybe you are facing some important decisions as well and we are more than willing to help you with those.

Strategic partner

Since our start in 2002 i-Design has evolved from a supplier of websites, hosting, software packages, and custom software to a strategic partner in automation. We have become mature IT architects with a visionary product and are proud of it. According to customers that is our greatest added value and, at the same time, gives us most joy. Joy that arises from a good match with you, clear business agreements and making work fun. Together we have already achieved great results with that. Depending on wishes, we develop custom software that works perfectly with the systems our customers already use, ensuring that critical business processes form a stable whole and run smoothly. On our new website www.i-Design.nu you will find a 90-minute animation showing you exactly how we do this.


New corporate identity and website

This new website and our new corporate identity are the result of an intensive and rewarding time. A time in which we have revised our technical and financial heart and all our processes. With no less than two ISO certifications we are totally ready for the next step. For your growth and our own. The tree in our new logo symbolizes this growth. The fingerprint in the branches symbolizes control and security and also the human touch.


In short: our work is mostly about cherishing a good relationship with you and working on great results for your company. We look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence, together with you. So, how can we be of service? Please, let us know.

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