Joost Tervelde

Helping people gives me energy

He was going to enroll at the academy of music to become a music teacher. He is that creative and musical. But Joost remembered just in time that standing in front of a classroom means starting all over again every year.

“There is no buildup in that and in building I find my challenge. Just as in situations where others say ‘I can’t solve this’!”

“When I was 18 I founded i-Design. With i-Design I bridge the gap between people and technology, I help people and society with technological solutions. And I’m quite ambitious in it. The more complex the process, the more my creativity is challenged and the more fun I have coming up with a solution.”

As CEO Joost Tervelde really is the calling card of i-Design. He is the first business contact for all customers. “We are a young company growing up. Customers are developing. The team is growing. For me as an entrepreneur this means I have to keep monitoring my role. More and more I see myself as a guardian of our company culture setting our strategy and course. My strength is gathering new business, developing it and placing it within the company. I will show customers again and again that we can truly live up to their ambitions with our team. For the actual implementation, the project coordinator becomes first contact. The project coordinator, together with the proposed team members are involved right from the tendering process. The end result is controllable in detail for everyone. Customers know exactly what they can count on. I think that’s really important. I want to create stability and continuity for both our customers and employees. ”

“My personal challenge as an entrepreneur I find in growth. I strongly believe in small teams with their own focus. That’s why I found separate companies for different activities under the holding Creaal. So a company like YieldShield can profile itself independently and with i-Design we can focus on the visionary products we want to continue developing. Both companies have stakeholders with a different experience. In this way I can continue to add new activities. My ambition is to grow from a social passion because helping people really gives me energy. That is the reason why I have been actively involved in UNICEF and War Child for many years. I believe everyone has a right to grow. Even if your personal situation is not easy, if you consider the positive and seek your strength then you can get the most out of life. With this in mind I live and work.”

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