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GEO and GIS custom solutions from i-Design

In the world of geography and geographic information systems (GIS), the need for personalized solutions is essential. At i-Design, we understand that standard GIS solutions may not always meet your organization's unique requirements within the GEO industry. Just as every business has unique processes and workflows, so does geographic data and how it is used and analyzed.
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What are GEO and GIS?

GEO refers to geography, while GIS stands for Geographic Information System, a crucial tool for optimizing geographic data and business processes. i-Design specializes in developing GIS solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the GEO industry. Whether integrating Google Maps data, government data, or optimizing proprietary geographic information, our approach is always customized.


Our approach in GEO and GIS integration

i-Design’s strength lies in personalizing and optimizing geographic data. We do this by enriching existing data with depth measurements, for example, that provide immediate insight into geographic layers relevant to your business. We exploit technologies such as GPS, radars, and Lidar cameras not only to optimize your data, but also to integrate it seamlessly into your work processes. Our customized GIS solutions are designed to grow with your organization and adapt as your needs evolve.


Benefits of i-Design’s GEO Solutions:

  • Improved Accuracy: Our solutions provide positioning with centimeter precision, making your geographic data even more reliable.
  • Integrated Information: You can effortlessly overlay your own CAD drawings or other geographic information over maps for a more complete picture.
  • Flexible Combinations: While tools such as ESRI and QGIS are useful, i-Design offers customization that goes further, fully customized to your specific needs.
  • Personalized Access Rights: We implement customized access and use rights, so that data always remains protected and accessible only to those who are allowed.
  • Innovative Indexing Methods: i-Design has developed unique methods to display GEO-information quickly and efficiently in your browser, both in 2D and 3D, allowing you fast access to essential information without loss of performance.

We realized a GEO solution for:

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