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Customer portal with integration 4PS and Sharepoint


Roosbom builds quality homes with the aim to constantly improve themselves. Based upon the input and support from her clients – domestic buyers – it was revealed that better communication is necessary to continue the way forward. So, say no more.


Roosdom Tijhuis together with i-Design, analysed the customers travel journey in relation to the development of the fascinating building development and construction process. During this customer journey, several employees of Roosdom Tijhuis had inter-group communication with both the customers and distribution partners. And that in this process that it is important that both customers and employees must see what has been agreed. The customers experience to stay is our main drive here.


In that context, the site of Roosdom and Tijhuis has been completely redesigned, in accordance with the existing house flair. In addition, the internet site is fully integrated with the software of Back - Office of 4 PS construct, SharePoint and Home Control.

Projects, prices and the status of the house projects, prices and the status of the homes sold or not or optionally are communicated with customers on the cornerstone of the current information in the back-office. Customers can log in safely at their own leisure thus keeping track via the website of the construction of their home and more.

Based on an established partnership between Roosdom Tijhuis, Balance & Result and i-Design, the concept was developed, and the project realized within time and budget using the scrum approach. The back-office incl. SharePoint is linked to the website based on smart API links. Customers can safely log into the site, at any time from any place and keep track of the construction of build.

Over Roosdom Tijhuis

Roosdom Tijhuis operates nationwide as a strong partner in various housing projects. Their focus is on building quality homes through a socially and economically responsible solution. Their core activities are executive construction, building development and area development.

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