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Partner integration offerte management tool

Business4cars is the partner for the sale and installation of Automotive accessories for car dealers and garage owners. They had a product website which was focused on separate deliveries. This was working fine for the time being, but they noticed that they were ready for something new. Their customers changed and their needs with them. As a successful partner, these is only one thing you can do; listen to the customers and keep developing!

During the first brainstorm meetings it became clear that their business processes needed to be re-evaluated. Especially their sales process because this was clearly the part where the most profit could be achieved.  This process was very inefficient and unclear. The requests for quotations and orders came in by e-mail or phone. As a consequence, there was no overview for either the customer nor Business4cars of the work that the dealers were outsourcing. This is where we noticed that there was a need for a clear platform in which the whole process could be managed from request to installation.


So basically the question was: how can we optimize their sales process in such a way that it can be fitted into their current processes and always keeping the subcontractors and customer satisfaction in mind.

After an analysis we concluded that a clear platform was missing in the dealers section where all the stakeholders could follow the full process from request to installation.

Solution and approach

A year of development, discussions, ups and downs, we finally came to a beautiful result. A complete proposal management tool, connected to their administration software Snelstart, that helps Business4cars with the full sales process from request to the installation of the products. Since the installers also have an account, they can log in to the tool and add their own prices to the proposals. This makes sure that the tool can be easily implemented in the right spot of the full process and that the orders can be processed quicker.
Apart from the support that the tool gives to the sales process, it also gives insight in the order process. The proposals, the communication and agreements are all managed in one place for Business4cars, suppliers and most importantly: the customer.

Last but not least; to complete the optimization, a brand new website was developed where customers can request a proposal and view their proposal history. To offer clarity and control over the pending proposals has appeared to be a big plus for the customers. With this, Business4cars is keeping all its promises; Business4cars is supports the completing of all vehicles. 

Een intensieve periode van fijn samenwerken met een mooi resultaat. I-Design snapte het totaalplaatje.” - Tim Brinksma | Operationeel Manager

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