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App developing with connection Ultra sound scanner

Meet your baby before it is even born! Track the movements of your unborn baby using an ultrasound scanner from the comfort of your own couch without having to visit an obstetrician. This almost sounds too good to be true. Well, it’s not.

Baby-Scan came up with the unique idea to develop a compact and user-friendly ultrasound scanner and was looking for an IT partner who could help them from the ground up. Because developing such a scanner is one thing, but how do you make sure that the hardware is eventually running the software that fits the needs of the targeted users? And how do you draw the public’s attention to it?

After a few workshops, to get to know each other and each other’s needs, we dove into the world of pregnancies and babies. What are the needs of the future parents and their loved ones? What problems are they facing now and what do they think is important? After an extended market research and a strategic process, we went to the drawing board and we developed a concept that would later be named the Baby-Scan App.


We have brought medical ultrasound images and users together by building an awesome hybrid app. The app is connected to the ultrasound scanner so not only can you see your unborn, you can also share this with your loved ones. The recordings and images can be placed on a timeline, shared with friends without having to leave your home. People can follow your pregnancy in a way that fits these modern times.


Of course we also had to think about how we could draw the public’s attention to the app and the scanner. We have helped them to become visible online by developing a website containing a webshop. A place online where app users can login with their account and manage their data.


Because Baby-Scan was being launched worldwide, it was a challenge to figure out how the content could be managed for each country. Of course, with the best performance for the user in mind. Based on these criteria, we chose to give each country its own server and database so that the content matches the user and content would load quickly. Apart from that, we also had to keep in mind the rules and regulations regarding the user’s privacy and safety in each country


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