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We understand the passion to get from idea to implementation. To turn ideas into reality. Product realisation is not just software but also a piece of hardware. So, you can have an innovative or a new business idea for which you need hardware that is linked to the software. The difference is in the details and you take the profit through good mutual communication between parties. If, during product implementation, the processes do not go well, you are already one step behind the competition. And that would be a shame!

A trend in the manufacturing industry is the smart industry that is increasingly emerging. The digitisation of not only devices, machines, employees but organisations as well. With these new technologies, companies are more likely to be able to produce in a smart and sustainable way.

This implementation process brings together many flows such as the logistics or marketing process. These parties must be digitally connected and be able to cooperate effectively in the chain in order to be able to exchange the data with each other.

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In short, in order to operate successfully, it is a requirement in this industry to have stable software that controls and manages the processes or data with one central database. Users must have real-time access to the big data. That's what makes the difference.

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