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How we started in 2002

We realize unique software for organizations that understand that automating business processes is an important contribution to its future. And we have been doing so since 2002. From the Hanseatic city of Deventer, we maintain many (international) IT partnerships with our enthusiastic team of professionals. Long-term relationships, because that’s what we stand for.


As a strategic IT partner, we find it essential to get to know each other and each other’s organization well. Is there a click? Then we always start by getting to the bottom of the business case. Because only then can we help optimize business processes by means of smart software. For us, the mutual trust and the discreet handling of data are self-evident.

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We aim for a long-term partnership

At i-Design we invest above average in understanding the scope. We do what we promise and fear of surprises afterwards is not necessary with us. We feel connected to our partners and work with a high sense of responsibility. Because we deliberately choose to operate in various sectors, we avoid becoming ‘sector blind’. Because of this diversity, our knowledge and experience is enormous and we always reach our goal: the right technology in the right place in the organization.


As a software architect, we realize the smartest solutions for the most complex processes. Because we think from our client’s business case, we are also able to think ahead. Transparent as we are, we always translate our solutions into understandable language. We are a human IT partner who ensures that crucial business processes are future-proof. In a classic way: transparent and based on mutual trust. The basis of every partnership.



As a human IT partner, we strive for sustainable relationships. Together with our clients, colleagues, and our immediate environment.

Naturally, IT contributes globally to reducing emissions in general by enabling remote work. This reduces the need for travel and allows us to optimize work processes, thus reducing emissions.

To make this important theme tangible for our clients and visible to our colleagues, we support or realize the following initiatives:

  • Partner of War Child Holland. Several million children and their families are fleeing war violence. A severe, but unfortunately current global situation that makes a significant impression on us. Therefore, i-Design contributes by making a monthly business friend donation to help more children in these war situations improve their future.
  • Reducing our CO2 emissions. As a kick-off to our sustainability policy in 2022, we gifted two trees to each of our clients. Trees for All plants these trees both domestically and abroad, thus reducing the entire CO2 emission of our organization to zero.
  • Sustainability also means taking good care of our colleagues. For instance, we provide a lunch every Monday and each colleague has their own training budget, enabling them to keep up with the latest developments. In this way, they are also sustainably employable in the future.

With these initiatives, we hope to make a small contribution to a sustainable future.

Our visioni-Design develops its unique software for the primary process of the client. Because this primary process runs optimally, we contribute to the continuity of our client. This creates a long-term and sustainable relationship.Our vision